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Cyclobatch - Biosafety Level BSL 1-2-3

Thermal batch system -

Contaminated wastes will be stored into the storage tank and then transferred to the inactivation tank. The inactivation tank if fitted with steam injection in order to insure that thermal treatment of liquid wastes is carried out by way of direct heating (vessel steam injection, using Black Steam). The steam injection facilitates the homogenization of the temperature in the inactivation tank. Once product has been decontaminated, the product will be sent to final drain.


Product - Liquid biowaste BSL 1-2-3

Viscosity - 2 cp at 68°F, 1 cp at 212°F  

Density - 1 g/cm³

Heat conductivity - 0.5 W/m.K

Specific heat - 1 cal/g/K

Inlet temperature - 68°F to 140°F

Treatment temperature - >249.8°F

Holding time - 30 minutes

Outlet temperature - <+104°

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