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Large Scale Effluent Decontamination Systems (EDS)

Our standard large-scale effluent decontamination productline ranges in capacity from 1,320 to 48,000 gallons per day with either electrical or steam operated systems.
Flow technology - ideal for the treatment of large volumes of biowaste
ABC Actini has developed a unique system for continuous heat decontamination of effluents. Our standard productline of decontamination systems for large volume deals from 40 to 3,200 gallons of effluent per hour, with an all-electric or steam process, depending on the capabilities and fluids available in your building.
Our 60 years of combined expertise in the manufacturing of such equipment allows us to offer fully automatic cost-effective solutions that meet the highest standards of biosecurity and containment.

No compromise with safety

  • Redundant control of the decontamination parameters (time/temperature and pressure for Prion)
  • Automatic self-sanitization cycle
  • Construction materials chosen to be able to resist chlorides at high temperature
  • All-welded tubular design to avoid any risk of cross contamination
  • PLC-controlled cycles (level control for automatic start-up and shut-down, CIP cycles) and records for complete traceability.
  • Vent sterilization
  • Conformity with CFR and pharmaceutical cycles
  • Design validated by major vaccine manufacturers

Validated and proven solutions

  • Pre-engineered units with fast track delivery options
  • Self contained process skid assembled and tested in our facility
  • 1 week commissioning time for standard systems
  • Short and easy validation: full protocols and methods included in our standard documentation

A controlled budget

  • Capital investment optimized for standard systems
  •  Continuous flow technology to process large volumes in a very short time
  • Up to 24-hour operation
  • Energy recovery section: 80% of the used thermal energy is recovered and no chilled water is required, cutting operating costs up to ten times lower than other process technologies.
  • Reduced servicing and validation

Save space and save money

  • All of our systems are self contained process skids
  • Very compact footprint including our largest capacity units
  • Modular layout (placement in pits, length-wise assembly option..)
  • Designed to fit in very tight spaces, and can be installed without making any change to the building
  • Ideal solutions for retrofit/replacement projects