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Engineering & Field Services


  • Preliminary study: we will give you the simplified functional anaylysis, equipment dimensions, preliminary layout, structure of automation for validation.
  • Detailed study: we will give you the manufacturing drawings, nomenclature, materials data sheet, and detailed functional analysis for validation.
  • Design in accordance with the cGMP and CFR guidelines


Manufacturing and FAT

  • Scheduling and production scheme in compliance with the "Quality Plan Project"
  • Manufacturing & assembly
  • Finalization of the documentation file
  • Delivery of the FAT protocols
  • Complete FAT before shipment

Installation, Testing and Validation on-site

  • Site installation
  • Preliminary tests
  • SAT
  • Assistance to the IQ and OQ qualifications
  • Training & ongoing service and support


  • Remote computer modem
  • On-site preventative maintenance contract


Our technical teams are at your disposal to:

  • Maintain your equipment in good working order through preventative maintenance services (periodic inspection, outline agreement).
  • Upgrade your existing facilities to improve their performance, perform regulatory compliance
  • Upgrade the soft and automation programs
  • Technical assistance
  • Audit your facilities and help you maximize the use of your equipment