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Sink Effluent Decontamination System (EDS)

Designed and manufactured by ABC Actini, this fully electric system has been engineered to be compliant with the most stringent decontamination guidelines.

Ideal for biohazardous liquids produced in:

  • Research Labs
  • Contract Manufacturing Organizations
  • Biotech Start-ups
  • Hospitals
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Forensic Departments
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What can you expect from our sink systems?

  • Treat up to 20 gallons per day
  • Stop autoclaving liquids, using bleach or paying for off-site treatment
  • Possibility to retrofit an under bench version to existing sinks

Guaranteed decontamination

  • FO 50: Sterilization of effluent at 275ºF for 2 minutes (adjustable)
  • Validation of the treatment efficiency by sensors
  • Automatic and monitored cycles

Easy to use

  • Fully automated, the system controls all stages of the decontamination process, from effluent collection to release
  • All critical information is recorded on a memory stick and is easily transferred to your computer

Easy to fit in and easy servicing

  • Compact layout
  • Standard size to fit in workbenches or under benches if connected to existing sinks
  • This plug-and-play system requires no servicing. No need for steam, condensate return or chilled water
  • Electric power is the only utility required
  • Tested in our facility before shipment, it will be fully operational as soon as plugged

Affordable solution

  • ABC Actini has designed the sink system with budget restriction consideration in mind
  • The sink system offers an easy, affordable and sustainable solution for effluent decontamination