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Electropolishing Electropolishing
Passivation coming soon.. Passivation/ Citric & Nitric
Pickling / Chemical Cleaning coming soon Pickling/Chemical Descaling
Mechanical Polishing Mechanical Polishing
On-Site Services On-Site Services
Vessel Refurbishment Vessel Inspection

♦ Certificate of ISNetworld Membership - We pride ourselves on our outstanding safety record. 

A member of ISNetworld since 2009. ISN ID Number: 400-155883. Contact us for more information. 


We provide our customers with outstanding service in electropolishing, pickling/chemical cleaning, stainless steel passivation, mechanical polishing, On-Site services and vessel refurbishment. AST will provide you with the best solution for your application no matter which industry you belong to. We service the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, oil, power, chemical, automotive, electronic and architectural industries.

We distinguish ourselves by our exceptional high quality standards, quick turnaround and the pride we take in our work. No matter the size of your product, we will find a solution. If your application is to large to be shipped to us, we will send our On-Site crew to you. Our professional On-Site teams are ready to travel anywhere in the United States. 


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Electropolishing is an electrochemical process that removes surface metal by attacking the high points on the surface. The surface becomes smoother as contaminants and free irons are removed. Electropolishing has the following benefits: it will improve corrosion resistant, reduce product adhesion and contamination build up for more effective cleaning, deburr and create a lustrous finish.
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On-Site Services:
Allegheny Surface Technology offers turnkey on-site services to address your refurbishment needs. These services may include: On-Site repair, On-Site vessel or tank repair, On-Site electropolishing, On-Site passivation and On-Site mechanical polishing. Each of our On-Site teams will follow all federal, state, and site-specific safety regulations. All necessary inspections and testing will be performed and documented. We pride ourselves on efficient-professional work habits.
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Stainless Steel Passivation:
Passivation is the chemical process that removes free irons from the surface of your stainless steel. Passivation has the following benefits: it will remove any iron from the surface of your metal and enhance the corrosion resistance of your stainless steel surface.
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Pickling/Chemical Descaling:
Pickling/Chemical Descaling is a metal surface treatment used to remove impurities, such as stains, inorganic contaminants, rust or scale from stainless steel.
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Mechanical Polishing:
Mechanical Polishing is the mechanical smoothing and removal of contaminates. It involved grinding, polishing and buffing of the surface. Mechanical polishing has the following benefits: it is used to smooth out welds, prepare metal surfaces for electropolishing or provide a surface with a specified roughness.
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Vessel Inspection:
Is the process of returning your used vessel to a “like new” condition. On-site services can include any or all of the following: project management, vessel assessment, certified ASME code weld repair or vessel modification, mechanical polishing and electropolishing.
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